About Amelia

Amelia has spent over a decade honing her skills in design by working on a wide range of projects all centered around food and beverage. From tropical resorts, tech campus food halls, to stand alone restaurants, Amelia has been involved from start to finish working along side clients and consultants.

Amelia’s true passion lies in designing spaces for people to gather and create memories. Growing up in the Napa Valley, food and beverage have been an integral part of her life and inspiration. With that, Amelia has a deep understanding that food is a total sensory experience that involves sight, smell, taste and emotions. Her conceptual thinking allows her to design spaces that support chef driven concepts through the proper selections of materiality, programming and furniture, fixtures & equipment.

When not designing, Amelia can be found in her kitchen cooking, baking and canning. Preserving was passed down to her by her late grandmother and to honor her, every year she bottles up the seasons to share with friends and family.


Photo Credits: Jessica Brydson Photography & Emma K. Creative
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